Business Talk Radio Presents Janeen Olmos, CEO of Janeen Olmos Coaching, Speaking and Education Services

Lenexa, KS

On Monday, December 14, 2020 at noon EST, the CEO of Janeen Olmos Coaching, Speaking and Education Services, Janeen Olmos, will be a LIVE guest on Business Talk Radio.

Primarily working with healthcare professionals, Ms. Olmos has mastered the art of how to help each client individually with a custom plan to educate them on how to eliminate stress of their job, which greatly impacts their personal lives. Offering different programs to her clients to ensure they successfully learn how to adapt to their stressful environments in a healthy manor, Ms. Olmos has four successful options to help you.

– First option: group or individual plan that requires 2-4 hours per week for several months.

– Second option: an 8 hour, self-paced online course called “Banishing Burnout: Your Solution to a Vibrant Career & Thriving Relationships.”

– Third option: offers company administrators the ability to create customized workshops that last 1, 2 or more days for their healthcare employees to increase awareness about burnout and begin to recover from it.

– Fourth option: Olmos’s company offers educational seminars that last 1 to 4 hours so you can learn more about what burnout is and how to recover from it.

During her LIVE interviews she will be discussing different steps that help each client understand how to have a better work-life balance and educate them on ways they can overcome stress at work – and leave it there.

Remember to check back with Business Talk Radio for more information on Monday, December 14, 2020 at noon EST for a LIVE interview with CEO Janeen Olmos of Janeen Olmos Coaching, Speaking and Education Services. For additional information please visit

Ms. Olmos will also have LIVE inteviews scheduled for December 21, 28 and January 4, and 11, 2020 all at noon EST.


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