Business Talk Radio Presents Bernard E. Robinson, C.M.C., Founder and President – Institute for Human Development

Fort Washington, MD

On Thursday, October 8, 2020 at 12:30 PM EST, the founder and President of Institute for Human Development, Bernard Robinson, will be a LIVE guest on Business Talk Radio.

For nearly 33 years, The Institute for Human Development (IHD) has successfully offered assistance as a full-service performance improvement management consulting firm. Specializing in producing customized performance improvement consulting solutions, products, and services for its clients. IHD is owned and operated by Bernard E. Robinson, C.M.C., who is an awesome team builder, speaker and coach. Assisting more than 3,000 people, his services include the design, development, and/or leadership of organizational development, leadership, problem solving and varied other skill development training programs.

During his LIVE interview with Business Talk Radio, Mr. Robinson will be sharing with his listeners about leadership training and coaching, team building and problem-solving training and retreats, as well as discussing individual and organizational performance improvement topics. Mr. Robinson actively encourages individuals through leadership training to become the best leader they can be. By helping them to create their own pathways, he allows them to open up and see what is best for themselves, their colleagues, and they’re companies. He will also be discussing what they Performance Enhancement Coaching System™ is and how he utilizes this into his practices.

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Mr. Robinson will also have an upcoming LIVE interview scheduled for October 15, 2020 at 12:30 PM EST.


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