Business Talk Radio Presents CEO, Ellie Shoja and COO, Neloo Naderi, of Peace Unleashed

Los Angeles, CA

On Tuesday, February 25, 2020 at 4:30 PM EST, the CEO, Ellie Shoja and COO, Neloo Naderi, of Peace Unleashed, will both be LIVE guests on Business Talk Radio.
Peace Unleashed is a holistic-based personal transformation company that helps individuals and groups modify their lives positively and effectively. Based out of Los Angeles, CA, Ellie Shoja and Neloo Naderi are successful business partners who have help their clients connect themselves, find inner peace and act from a place of clarity.

During their LIVE interview with Business Talk Radio, Ellie and Neloo will be sharing their combined knowledge of over two decades with corporate leadership, consulting, training and entrepreneurship experience. Educating their listeners on Your Heart Knows the Way, which are oracle cards, as well as what is coming next with this product line; Ellie and Neloo are more than excited to launch new innovative ideas to help their clients. Ellie and Neloo also host Inner Peace Workshops that feature a variety of modalities to explore different aspects of the internal world. Every third Sunday from 2-5 from April to December 2020, Ellie and Neloo will be at the Konj Art Lounge in Orange County, CA.

Be sure to subscribe to their podcast: Unleash Your Peace Podcast. Their first 75 episodes are a course into the internal world. They discuss topics of everyday life, as well as ways to tap into inner peace, choosing love over fear, and living from inspired action.

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