Business Talk Radio Honors Dr. Chester A. Alper

Birmingham, AL

In many instances, there are those who stand out due to their commitment to excellence and drive to exemplify the qualities of their professions. On rare occasion, a professional will rise further among the elite. In respect of the sheer dedication, commitment, and perseverance it takes to reach such heights, Business Talk Radio honors the career accomplishments of Dr. Chester A. Alper.

A cum laude graduate of Harvard Medical School, Dr. Alper has devoted over six decades to his field. Focusing on autoimmunity, Dr. Alper and his colleagues specialize in the relationship between genetic differences in human MHC with differences in immune function of leukocytes. Dr. Alper is extensively published as well. Most notably the papers he and his colleagues published were the first to describe genetic polymorphims in complement proteins, family-based genetic association studies, and a Mendelian oligogenic model for type 1 diabetes. In his leisure time, Dr. Alper indulges in his Chinese calligraphy and cartooning hobbies, plays the recorder, spends time with his wife and son.

An interview with Dr. Alper discussing his career and achievements may be found on . In recognition of his dedication and commitment, Dr. Chester A. Alper will also have his profile featured in the publication Business Talk Radio.


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