Business Talk Radio Honors Paul Reiss

Lake Placid, NY

In any profession, there are those who rise to the top, embodying the integrity and respect of their field. There are also those who would rather set new expectations than meet old ones, setting themselves as true paragons of the industry. In recognition of the sheer dedication, commitment, and perseverance required to be not just extraordinary but exemplary, Business Talk Radio honors the career accomplishments of Paul Reiss.

As a lifelong resident of the Adirondacks, Paul Reiss has taken over the reins for his father and continues to run an all boy’s came in his father’s honor, Old McDonald Farm. The camp provides a support network for city kids for an opportunity to get them out of the city. After publishing a biography on his father, Dad: The Life and Legacy of Julian J Reiss, Paul continues to carry out his father’s name. Paul was also a respectable Dean and Executive Vice President at Fordham University for 22 years.

Paul is now retired with his wife, Rosemary. They spend their winter months at their home in Vermont and are in Lake Placid for the other half of the year. His nine children now run Camp Montserrat.

In recognition of his dedication and commitment, Paul Reiss will also have his profile featured in the publication Business Talk Radio.


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