Business Talk Radio Honors Dr. Michael Savin, Oncologist

Tigard, OR

In any profession, there are those who rise to the top, embodying the integrity and respect of their field. There are also those who would rather set new expectations than meet old ones, setting themselves as true paragons of the industry. In recognition of the sheer dedication, commitment, and perseverance required to be not just extraordinary but exemplary, Business Talk Radio honors the career accomplishments of Dr. Michael Savin.

A 1969 graduate of the University Of Pittsburgh School Of Medicine, Dr. Savin has been practicing medicine for over forty five years. After completing his internship and residency at Duke University Medical Center, Dr. Savin specialized in Hematology at the University of Washington. Devoted to helping his patients throughout exceptionally difficult times, Dr. Savin has enrolled numerous patients in clinical trials in an effort to better their treatment. Dr. Savin has been an active clinical researcher for many years, designing clinical trials and previously managing a large-scale research program. Currently, Dr. Savin is on the faculty of the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute where he is a member of the breast cancer team. He is actively involved in patient care and teaching young oncologists in training, and he continues his work in breast cancer research. When not working at OHSU, Dr. Savin enjoys spending time with his wife, a pulmonary physician, and his sons, daughter and grandchildren.

In recognition of his dedication and commitment, Dr. Michael Savin will also have his profile featured in the publication Business Talk Radio.


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