Tuesday, August 13th, 2019


Business Talk Radio Names Thomas S. Deans: 2019 LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT RECIPIENT

Minneapolis, MN In any profession, there are those who rise to the top, embodying the integrity and respect of their field. There are also those who would rather set new expectations than meet old ones, setting themselves as true paragons of the industry. In recognition of the sheer dedication, commitment, and perseverance required to be not just extraordinary but exemplary, Mass Appeal Media names Thomas S. Deans among the 2019 Lifetime Achievement Honorees. A graduate of the University of Minnesota, Mr. Deans has dedicated his career to encouraging positive changeRead More

Business Talk Radio Honors Dr. Chester A. Alper

Birmingham, AL In many instances, there are those who stand out due to their commitment to excellence and drive to exemplify the qualities of their professions. On rare occasion, a professional will rise further among the elite. In respect of the sheer dedication, commitment, and perseverance it takes to reach such heights, Business Talk Radio honors the career accomplishments of Dr. Chester A. Alper. A cum laude graduate of Harvard Medical School, Dr. Alper has devoted over six decades to his field. Focusing on autoimmunity, Dr. Alper and his colleaguesRead More