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Dr. Christine Silverstein at the Summit Center for Ideal Performance has been working with children, adolescents, and adults for over 22 years to provide them with the necessary tools to reach their best performances in life. She is a peak performance coach, clinical hypnotherapist, and registered nurse specializing in behavioral modification, using self-hypnosis, cognitive behavioral therapy, and other mind-body techniques.

Currently, Dr. Silverstein is discussing the origins and the implications of the American Opioid Crisis: The 21st-Century Plague. She offers a unique perspective on prevention and treatment for those vulnerable to this epidemic. Her ideas build on her program, Operation Heal, a drug-free holistic program designed to reduce the need for pain medication for persistent health issues and to promote post-surgical healing and patient comfort.

Dr. Silverstein’s unique programs aid clients to tap into the power of the mind to achieve their goals in health and wellness, academics, business, performing arts, interpersonal relationships, and athletics. Her nationally-recognized program, Winning Ways for Wrestlers, assists clients on all levels to reach their peak performances both on and off the mat.

In previous radio interviews, which are available on her websites: and, Dr. Christine Silverstein describes her program, Metamorphosis: Fertility Enhancement Coaching and educates listeners to understand the biopsychosocial aspects of fertility consciousness to aid women in conceiving naturally or with IVF.

In one of her Facebook TV interviews, she discusses “Winning Ways for Teens”, a unique and specialized program designed to aid adolescents to navigate this challenging time in their lives and that of their parents. The program is based on the science emerging from current research on the developing teen brain. It combines the strength of both the left and right brain to help teens to develop action plans and translate them into positive outcomes. This interview, as well as others on how to use MindPower to achieve success, can be viewed on her Facebook page: Fertility Enhancement Coaching.

In addition to her radio and television series, Dr. Silverstein is also a sought after speaker. In July, 2019, she will deliver the keynote address at the Nursing Science 2019 Conference in Los Angeles.

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