Hartford, CT

Mr. Edmund J. Adams has been announced as one of the Exclusive Registry Network’s Top Professionals of 2018. Professionals selected for such an honor have been determined by factors such as lifetime and career accomplishments, prominence in their respective fields, and commitment to excellence.

A graduate of Xavier University and the University of Notre Dam Law School, Mr. Adams was a leading professional in the legal field. For many years, Mr. Adams was viewed as an expert in bankruptcy law, devoting his years of service to the Frost, Brown, Todd firm in Ohio. Mr. Adam’s expertise was not limited to the courtroom. After being an active member since 2007, in 2013, Mr. Adams taught a seminar entitled “Teaching Law In Eastern Europe” for the Center for International Legal Studies in Austria. This program places attorneys from the United States, Canada, and England into instructional positions at law schools in Russia and other Eastern European countries. Mr. Adams has been recognized for his dedication and service by the Cincinnati Bar Association, the Federal Republic of Germany, and Ohio Super Lawyers.

The Exclusive Registry Network recognizes Mr. Edmund J. Adams for his career achievements and honors him with a place among the Top Professionals of 2018.

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