San Diego, CA

Victoria Nenner has been announced as one of All Business Media FM’s Top 101 Professionals of 2017. Professionals selected for such an honor have been determined by factors such as lifetime and career accomplishments, prominence in their respective fields, and commitment to excellence.

Over the course of a career spanning five decades, Ms. Nenner has established herself at the forefront of the nursing field. Beginning her career on the nursing staff at St. Thomas’s Hospital in London England, she would relocate to Dallas Texas to join the staff at Parkland Memorial Hospital. After her service in the U.S. Air Force Nurse Corps, she would join the staff at scripps Memorial Hospital as the coordinator of nursing continuing education. For the next two decades, she would continue to serve the nursing community as the Owner and President of Marvik Educational Services Inc, continuing education programs for nurses, educational programs for AIDS treatment and infection control, hospital worker safety, and epidemiology. She would later establish Nenner Enterprises, providing the next generation of nurses with continuing education materials and certification programs.

All Business Media recognizes Ms. Victoria Nenner for her lifetime and career accomplishments and honors her with a place among the Top 101 Outstanding Professionals of 2017.


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