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Rev. Dr. Mary Stanley Weinkauf has been announced as one of Empire Radio Now’s Top Professionals of 2017. Professionals selected for such an honor have been determined by factors such as lifetime and career accomplishments, prominence in their respective fields, and commitment to excellence. In honor of this auspicious occasion, Rev. Dr. Weinkauf will be the focus of an upcoming interview on Empire Radio Now.

Rev. Dr. Mary Stanley Weinkauf has been a driving force in her personal and professional communities for over 50 years. As a teacher, her career began in the early 60’s at the University of Tennessee. As she furthered her education, she would move on to positions at Adrian College, Dakota Wesleyan Universty, and Columbia College. As she felt a pull to theology, Mary would earn her Mdiv from the Lutheran School of Theology and become a pastor for the Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church and the Siloa Lutheran Church. In addition to her responsibilites, Rev. Dr. Weinkauf also sat on the board for Habitat for Humanity and the Educational Foundation as well as authored several books.

Remember to check back with Empire Radio Now on Wednesday, August 2nd , 2017 at 3:00PM EST with an interview with Rev.Dr. Mary Stanley Weinkauf. Additional information may be found on her website www.maryweinkauf.com.


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