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Mary Emma Wagner has been announced as one of Empire Radio Now’s Top 101 Professionals of 2017. Professionals selected for such an honor have been determined by factors such as lifetime and career accomplishments, prominence in their respective fields, and commitment to excellence.

Since completing her doctorate in 1972, Ms. Wagner has become a widely respected expert in the field of geology. Her work has been recognized by the American Journal of Science as well as the geological Society of america. Ms. Wagner has contributed to many publications and her work is often quoted as a reference among her peers in the field.In addition to her contributions the field, Ms. Wagner also garnered a position at the University of Pennsylvania as a lecturer. For over twenty years, she would remain in that position, chaning the field of geology as well as shaping the minds of those entering the field. In 1993, Ms. Wagner became a Lecturer Emeritus at the University of Pennsylvania.

Empire Radio Now congratulates Ms. Mary Emma Wagner on her lifetime and career accomplishments and honors her with a place among the Top 101 Professionals of 2017


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