All Business Media FM Presents Kimberly Berg, Artist and Owner of Isis Rising

Cadyville, NY

On Friday, September 23rd, 2017, the artist and owner of Isis Rising, Kimberly Berg, will be a recording his television shoot with All Business Media FM.

A male pro-feminist artist, Berg’s work challenges the patriarchal system that has evolved to dominate our world by exposing it as a system that is not only unworkable and unsustainable, but also unjust. Guided by the prehistoric record, which shows evidence that pre-patriarchal Neolithic societies respected and honored their women, Berg believes that we are approaching the tipping point of patriarchal dominance as women gain the confidence to reclaim their inherent birthright. And just to be sure a feminist transformation is underway; Berg has heaved the final stones necessary to tip the scale by launching a campaign to educate the public on the history of women’s culture and the factors that led to its unfortunate demise.

During his LIVE interview, he will be sharing with his listeners about the art that he is actively involved in and his accomplishments in his career. By using art as way for women to address women’s issues of social injustice pay inequality, inferior status, and control over her body.

Kimberly Berg’s art has been shown nationally and internationally in Canada and Europe. His art will also be accessible by watching a video taken in his studio where he will be interviewed and his art discussed in detail.


Remember to check back with All Business Media FM, on Friday, September 23rd, 2017 for a television shoot with the owner and artist of Isis Rising. Join Kimberly Berg in his quest to awaken an understanding of the ancient goddess. For additional information on Isis Rising, please visit their website at


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