Professionals Radio Network Presents Hubert L. Barnes, Professor Emeritus of Geochemistry

State College, PA

The Professionals Radio Network would like to honor honorary alumnus of Penn State, Hubert L. Barnes. Through Professor Barnes’ journey of being an educator and someone with the passion for Geochemistry, he managed to touch the lives of many people and students whom he interacted with.

Even in his late 80’s, Professor Barnes is not ready to retire and still continues to work as a Professor Emeritus at Penn State. As a recipient of the Humboldt prize, the Penrose Gold Medal and more; Professor Barnes has showed his dedication to the Geochemistry world while writing nearly 200 papers and six technical books, he has managed to share his education with the minds of graduate students and prepare the young minds of undergraduate and high school students for the profession of Geochemistry.

Currently Professor Barnes is still teaching at Penn State and traveling and loving life with his wife of nearly 70 years.


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