Professionals Radio Network Presents Actress, Author, Realtor and Motivational Speaker, Mary Kay Slesinger Rich

Amherst, NY

The Professionals Radio Network would like to honor Mary Kay Slesinger Rich for her ambition and successful drive to inspire others as a motivational speaker, actress, author and realtor. Based out of Amherst, NY Mary Kay travels the world speaking on cruise ships about how to have a successful marriage. Being influenced by her wonderful marriage to her late husband, Kay wishes to influence those people around her to realize how important a successful marriage and relationship truly is.

As the writer, producer and actress for My Dream beside Me (2014) and You’re It (2015), Kay writes about true love stories and overcoming some of the horrible things in life such as bullying and a life threatening surgery.

For additional information on Mary Kay, please visit her website at, where you can purchase the movies and books, as well as get event listing of when she will be speaking next.


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